Notice what you are doing.


Welcome to this place in the electronic iuniverse. Or more precisely, welcome to this expression in your personal YOU-niverse!

This website is mainly about discovery and exploration of self. It revolves around these topics as they are presented by Elias. But even more so, this site is an opportunity for myself and others to explore and apply the Elias teachings on a personal level and implement and practice Elias calls the shift in consciousness.

My idea is to exchange personal experiences, musings, observations, deductions, ramblings about this idea-complex with others of like intent and in that process discover more about self. (If you are not familiar with Elias or this idea of a shift in consciousness, you may find the introduction and dictionary helpful.)

ELIAS: My suggestion is to genuinely pay attention to what is shared. Not to necessarily react, but to genuinely pay attention to what is shared among you and in that sharing to allow yourself to evaluate how you can each apply what is shared to yourselves.

(offered in a private session when asked for advice about starting BlueFlash)

If you resonate with the above intent and want to discover self, jump right into where the action is and direct your attention (and mouse) to the top of this page where you will find the link to the online forum, which is the heart of this website.

Most of the best Elias pilots can be found in here, only watch yourself. This place can be a little rough.

patternwalker (forum member)

Enjoy the ride ...