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The term acceptance is one of the big words in the Elias transcripts. (Subsequently this is one of the big entries in this dictionary.)

**Session #164**:

ELIAS: Acceptance, within your language, should be the largest word that you possess, encompassing more letters than any other word within your language, for it is the largest and most difficult concept for you each to be accomplishing.

More or less all of Elias' teaching revolves around this word. Acceptance is lack of judgment, and moving into acceptance is the base element of the shift.

**Session #293**:

Acceptance is the LACK of judgment, the acknowledgment that the reality merely IS. The thing merely is the thing in itself, but it is not good and it is not bad. It merely IS. This is the area of acceptance, and in this acceptance you allow yourself tremendous freedom, for there is no longer affectingness of the belief system.

**Session #99**:

ELIAS: It is the natural expression of your essence to be accepting. Within this one concept, within this one word, lies the whole of your shift, […]

It basically means acceptance of beliefs and belief systems and is not be confused with tolerance.

**Session #442**:

ELIAS: You and all other individuals look to issues that you hold, creations that you incorporate, experiences that you create, belief systems that you hold, and express the very same terms: “I am dissatisfied with these expressions and this behavior. I dislike these belief systems. I wish to discontinue.”

This is not the point, and I have been expressing to you all from the onset of this forum, throughout all of this time framework, that this is not the point. The point is to be accepting — accepting of belief systems, accepting of SELF.

**Session #519:**

ELIAS: This term of tolerance is quite often interchanged, in your physical expressions, with acceptance. Tolerance is not acceptance.

Tolerance may be expressed many times genuinely, and confused in your definitions with an expression of acceptance, for you view yourselves to be accepting if you are expressing tolerance, but let me express to you that tolerance is an action that expresses expectations.

Acceptance of beliefs means recognizing them as preference as compared to seeing them as absolute or truth. That is, detaching the belief system of duplicity from the beliefs in the other belief systems. This has the effect of individuals allowing themselves to express whatever beliefs and belief systems an individual may choose or prefer to express. Or in the terminology of the bird cage analogy, to allow the birds to fly free. Ultimately the result of acceptance is choice and therefore freedom.

**Session #1392:**

ELIAS: Then there are truths, which are categorized differently in your associations. Those are not beliefs; those merely are. They are unquestioned; they are absolute. Therefore, they are not beliefs, for in your assessment beliefs are some expression that you either believe or you do not believe, and there are some expressions that are not a matter of whether you believe them or do not believe them, they are and they are universal.

Now; this is what becomes a truth. It is not a truth, but…

LEELA: You believe it to be.

ELIAS: Correct, and you do not question it and it is absolute. Therefore, your choices are extremely limited.

**Session #1429:**

BILL: Duality and duplicity. The duplicity’s different…

ELIAS: Correct.

BILL: …I understand the difference. My question is, if acceptance of the belief system neutralizes the energy of it, will what we call duplicity, the ideas of good and evil, will that disappear when everyone accepts that belief system of duplicity?

ELIAS: No, for the belief system is not being eliminated.

BILL: It’s just accepting it.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, the expressions of the beliefs of the belief system continue to exist, but it is an intentional choice of what you express. You may continue to be expressing the belief system of duplicity and not incorporate judgment. This is associated with preference. You may continue to be generating those associations in relation to duplicity.

As I have stated, it is a belief system also and it is not being eliminated. This one belief system intertwines itself with all other belief systems and it shall continue to do so, for this is its natural function. But the judgment is eliminated.

Acceptance encompasses acceptance of self (acceptance 101), acceptance of others (acceptance 102), but Elias has said, that acceptance of self automatically includes acceptance of others or that acceptance of others is not possible without acceptance of self.

**Session #331**:

ELIAS: This is in actuality directly related to your own acceptance of self. I have expressed to you all many times that your initial direction is to be concerning yourself with self, and subsequently you move in the direction of the acceptance of other individuals, for this automatically is a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self, for in the areas that you are not accepting of self, you also are not accepting of other individuals.

It may take different forms, but your lack of acceptance of self is that which you project outwardly to other individuals in the expression of lack of acceptance of them and their expressions.

You may express to yourselves that you are quite accepting of another individual’s expression, but you are not accepting of your own expression within this same situation. This may hold true — in a manner of speaking, in your terms — but underlyingly, your lack of acceptance of self shall project to another individual in a lack of acceptance of them within a similar area. It merely appears camouflaged, but it is a mirror action.

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**Session #1028:**

ELIAS: And it is unnecessary for you to justify your choice. The reason that you justify your choice is an expression of a lack of acceptance of yourself.

**Session #335:**

When you are expressing that you are right, you are also expressing that other individuals are wrong. When you are expressing to other individuals that they do not see, you are expressing a mirror image that YOU do not see. All of your expressions that you project forth to other individuals are direct mirror images of what you are creating within yourselves. This be the reason that individuals move in the area of fanaticism, is that they are expressing extreme lack of acceptance of themselves, and therefore they express outwardly the lack of acceptance of any other area except the one chosen by themselves in their direction of attention. They are not feeling accepted within themselves, and therefore they do not accept outside of themselves, and narrow their attention farther and farther into a very narrow stream.

**Session #284:**

ELIAS: Acceptance is the lack of judgment in any area, which may be sounding quite simplistic to you all, but I shall be wagering to express to you that your accomplishment objectively of this action shall not be quite so easy, (laughter) for you shall find yourselves within situations every of your days expressing a lack of acceptance, either to yourselves or to another individual. But be assured, this also is not negative! This is your OPPORTUNITY to engage this action. This is your opportunity to express to yourself, "This be not bad; this be not good. This be my opportunity to create my choice." For as you allow yourselves the hold of your belief systems, you also limit your choices and you express that you do not hold choices. You are bound; you MUST be. You must not be! I express to you, extremely not! You merely believe that you are locked, but you are not, and each opportunity that you present yourself within, within each wave, offers you the viewing of new choices.

You need only relax momentarily and stop momentarily and view your own action; NOT view another individual's action, but view YOUR action and view YOUR belief systems, for it matters not the expression of another individual. This be not your responsibility. You hold enough responsibility for self, which is tremendous! Therefore, why shall you assume false responsibility for another individual? This shall be overwhelming! In your terms physically, you do not possess enough time to be assuming responsibility for any other individual upon your planet, for your time framework is consumed merely with your own responsibility. But you assume responsibility for other individuals, for this distracts you from the responsibility of self and allows you to not address to self, and also allows you to continue in your familiarity of your belief systems of duplicity and your belief systems in acceptance and the lack of that therein.

Acceptance is the word; acceptance of self in recognition that you are not bad, that you are not good, that your expressions are not bad, they are not good. They merely are.

**Session #185:**

ELIAS: The objective is to be accepting. It matters not which direction you choose to be objectifying of this action. As I have stated to you this day, if you are accepting of self first, you also shall incorporate a natural byproduct of acceptance of all others.

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