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This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: […] In continuing, we move to my color of blue. The essence family that I choose to represent is Sumari. The Sumari are playful. They are creative. They are spiritual. They are your artists. They are not teachers of art; they are doers. The Sumari are doers of everything! They incorporate action. They materialize what the Sumafi and the Gramada initiate. This essence family incorporates great creativity.

I have spoken to you of the initiators, these being the driving forces behind the actualizers. Therefore, the initiators within the arts would be the manifest individuals who promote the individual artists. These of the Sumari are the artists. They do incorporate the spotlight. They enjoy being within the forefront of all action. They are not introverted or shy individuals! They are quite extroverted. They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions. They are your rebellious group. They are the individuals that butt against everything! They are your salmon swimming upstream! They do not conform. You will find, in movements of cultures, individuals who are refusing to conform to the norm. These individuals belong to the Sumari.

Within your culture, within this country of yours, you have been exposed to a movement of the Sumari before you physically, within your time of great change, within this century; your young individuals, your students who revolted, who refused to conform; your "flower children". These were Sumari. They are great expressers of love and freedom. They choose not to align themselves within groups, for they feel that this is constricting of their individuality and creativity. They are tremendous expressers of individuality. They are your triumphers for the individual. They are focused upon the development, within all creativity, of each individual. They stress spirituality, but only within the individual, not within a religious focus.

They are connectors. They connect essence to focus. They are also temporary. They are your physical "pop-ins" of cultures. They do not establish cultures to be lasting. They "pop-in" to established cultures, they encourage individual thought and creativity and spirituality, and they "pop-out"! They initiate thought. They initiate remembering of connections. You will not find Sumari in long-lasting cultural situations. They will appear, temporarily, to be "stirring your pot", so to speak; and then they will, as suddenly as it may seem that they appeared, they will disappear. The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have "stirred your pot" temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching; therefore you, now.

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